There is one thing we can agree on when it comes to what women want….

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.

What they want less is still a subject of research. That is why we have taken some time to consult and find out from some fab fans on the shoesiLIKE facebook page. Actually ladies love shoes more than most items you may think of.

We got about 90 random responses to an open question asked on our facebook page   The question was ‘I love shoes more than I love ____________

Here is the top 5 items that ladies love less than shoes, tarting with an item with the highest number of mentions.

1. Food

When it comes to shoes, food doesn’t matter. Some indicated they can starve for shoes or would forego their favourite ice-cream faced with the hard choice of Food Vs Shoes

2. Man/ Boyfriend/ Husband

Boyfriends , Husbands and Men actually come after shoes when we talk of priorities. What happened to the term ‘My better half”. Poor men.

3. Clothes 

Yeah clothes don’t matter in the shoes-equation., Most would rather have more shoes than clothes. Included in clothes are also handbags and jewellery. As a complimentary item to shoes, isn’t it surprising clothes and adorable sisters (bags, accessories etc) all combined are not higher on the priority list.

4. The World

Love shoes more than anything in the world. (my interpretation)

5. At number 5 there is a tie on chocolates and sex- which may prove it true that they got the same effect on women. .. (top discovery)

5. a) Choclolates

Chocolates Vs Shoes , shoes win – a no brainer having seen the position taken by other life essentials like food, clothes and men. 

5 b) Sex

Whoever invented the term shoe-gasm knew what they were talking about. Shoes can replace anything.

Other Comparisons.

Here are the other items which did not make it to the top 5 mentions in no particular order:

  • my feet or my legs
  • my job / school
  • my country
  • money
  • my phone
  • clubbing
  • friends

In conclusion, these items are by no means at the bottom of women’s favourite things. The fact that they got mentioned shows how highly they compete with shoes……SHOES are still a girl’s best friend.

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At the Choice Kids Awards, Michelle Obama appeared in sexy kitten black shoes. She paired the shoes with fab skinny tight jeans and sequin top – Fresh and Trendy we say!

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Since I set my eyes on Maria Carey’s shoes closet, I should admit I have become nosy trying to check what celebrities shoe closets look like.

You can imagine my joy when Kim Kardashian willingly tweeted her colour coordinated shoe closet. Fabulous! Check it out here.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Shoe Closet

Bobbi Kristina Brown, only child to the legendary late Whitney Houston and singer/actress Jeniffer Hudson arrive at the 2011 pre Grammy Gala. Both wearing black shoes, though different styles.

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s s gladiator style shoes just look fabulous and  paired with a sexy little black dress. Jeniffer Hudson’s open toe black pumps are equally tantalising. Moreso with the elagant trim new look.

The both look fabulous.

The web went wild with Angelina’s leg when she appeared at the 2012 Oscars with a sky high slit that revealed her very long legs.

Angelina Jolie at the Oscars

We believe this girl knows how to work the Red Carpet.  To offset a sky-high slit, Angelina Jolie played it safe but chic in satin Salvatore Ferragamo peep-toe pumps. Do You Like?

At shoes iLIKE the air we breathe is called Shoes.  We love all beautiful shoes in all shapes and sizes. No discrimination. If it’s beautiful, we simply kiss AND like.

At shoes iLIKE  we love shoes of all colours; Red Shoes, Black Shoes, Nude Shoes, White Shoes, well all colours. Just as well, we love shoes of all types, Platform Shoes, High Heels, Flat Shoes, Peep Toe Shoes, Summer Sandals, Knee-High Boots, Ankle Boots, Occassion Shoes and all Ladies Shoes. Call this shoe addiction?

We checked with fans on our facebook page ‘shoes i LIKE’ what the signs of shoe addiction are.  We believe this is the ultimate, most hilarious compilation ever about shoe addiction.


1. When you like a page crazy about shoes which goes by the name  ‘shoes i LIKE’ on facebook  because  you got to quench your shoe addiction every day.

2. Before you spend money on something costly, you always measure how much it’s worth against the number of pairs of heels you could be buying!

3. You look at this T-Shirt “Thank You God For Shoes and Heels” and you truly nod your head in agreement. You would love to wear it someday to show how grateful you are.

"Thank You God For Shoes & Heels" T-Shirt @

4. Every time you tell people you are broke that month, you STILL end up coming home with a new pair of shoes…. oops

5. You stare at a picture of shoes for hours because they’re just SO HOT!!!

6 . You never wash your feet because you don’t take your shoes off even when taking a bath.

7. When you have a certain type of shoe in all the colours available and you still want more….Can’t get enough of you sweet shoe.

8.  You have turned your room into a walk in closet for  your shoes and your closet into your room…..It’s all about shoes.

9. You need a ladder to reach out for all your shoes…Do you get the idea after looking at Christina Aguilera’s shoe closet?

Christina Aguleira's shoe closet

10.First blink-walking past a shoe store and telling yourself you won’t go in…second blink-you have a slip in your hand and the infamous shoe bag in the other. *sigh*…….Tempted by the smell of shoes..

11.  You wake in the middle of the night after dreaming aabout a gawgis Red pair of stilettos!!!!

12.  When you buy shoes to suit your mood or as a stress reliever..

13. You do a rock climbing photo shoot in the middle of a national park in several 6″ pairs…..can’t leave my babes oops shoes at home

14. Have so many pairs that some you don’t even remember because the closet is too full!

15. Buy shoes you actually don’t need at the moment and only get to wear them several months later because you’re still wearing others you bought before those. #BackLog# Its hard to see them and just leave there there…lonely

16. Instead of buying groceries you buy shoes and waste your Uni book fund on more shoes *hides*

17. You go over to your boyfriend’s house and realize that you have 24 pairs of shoes in his shoe closet… 14 more than him( and it’s his own house)!!!…..When b/f ‘s home becomes convenient shoe cabinet for more shoes

18. When you buy a smaller or larger size because your size is not available….So long it’s beautiful.

19. When you see a nice pair of shoes and keep having dreams about it until you buy it.

20. When you buy shoes you didn’t budget for and keep them in a car so no one will know until you wear them.

21. When you buy 2 or more pairs of shoes in a week and still don’t feel guilty about it.

22. No matter how much it pinches, you’d still wear that shoe….ouch

23. The only thing your eyes can see at the mall is shoes…..shoe-blind

24. You know you have no more cupboard space so your car boot becomes an additional shoe compartment……a car with a built-in shoe compartment will sell too well, mean a really large compartment.

25. You know you like shoes when you’ve seen a shoe and can’t sleep at night untill you have that shoe in your cupboard…

26. When I go shoppin to buy something then end up not buying that particular item and instead come back with 2 pairs of shoes….like skipping my rent payment to just satisfy yourself.

27. When you start making pictures of shoes from “shoes i LIKE” your facebook profile pictures……Too Cute

28. When you have more shoes than clothes!!

29. When this list Amazes You, Makes You Smile, Laugh Out Loud and makes you say from the bottom of your heart “That’s so like me”…

Yes, Because You Are PASSIONATE ABOUT SHOES…Period!

Got something to add to the list?. Do so here on the blog.